Symbols of power

Symbols and signs of presidential power

The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a senior official of the state has his own personal symbols and insignia.

One of them is the breastplate of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is a multi-beam star and its beams form an octahedron. In the center of the star is a medallion around the circumference of which is an address in gold letters: "PRESIDENT OF KAZAKHSTAN". The sign with the pendant in the form of a national emblem of Kazakhstan is connected with the chain consisting of twenty units, connected by a double chain. The links of the chain are the triangular elements, covered by blue enamel with white edging, in the centre of them golden image of shanyrak is located. The breastplate is worn by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the occasion of his inauguration, during public holidays, military parades and receptions of officials of foreign states.

Another symbol of the power of the President is his personal flag, the Standard of the President. It is installed at the Residence of the Head of State, as well as at the vehicles of the President of Kazakhstan.

Moreover, the Head of State ex officio becomes a Commander of The Order Altyn Kyran. In addition to the President, this order is also conferred on citizens for outstanding state merits to the Republic of Kazakhstan.