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The President actively promotes the personal example of a healthy lifestyle and sports. Tennis is one of his favorite sports. Nursultan Nazarbayev surely plays with racket and regularly goes to court. Notably many politicians and leaders play tennis. At one time a worthy partner of the Head of State was the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin. Now, Nursultan Nazarbayev often takes part in exhibition matches and not only demonstrates excellent physical shape, but also gives master classes for beginning tennis players. In addition, the President Annual Tennis Cup took place in Kazakhstan.

Another major interest of the President is golf. Often, the Head of State participates in various international tournaments, along with other world-famous politicians and businessmen. By his own admission, the President skied firstly at the age of 55 years. Since then, Nursultan Nazarbayev is often seen on the slope of Shymbulak and other ski resorts.

Now new sports complexes, swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts opening up in Kazakhstan. All of them are for the benefit and health of the people of Kazakhstan. In addition, ski tourism is becoming more popular in Almaty. For this purposes "Shymbulak" ski resort has been updated and soon there will be built another new resort. Thanks to a consistent state policy people of Kazakhstan started sport exercises more actively, pay attention to their health. After all, a healthy nation is a key factor to success of Kazakhstan.