The history of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan is the history of our long-term stability

Our ancestors lived united to survive, we should be united for the great accomplishments

Kazakhs are the people that walk only the way of unity and consolidation

We should never forget the truth that the Creator is one, that there is enough place under the sky for all. Therefore as the descendants of one father and one mother we should live in the harmony with each other.

Both the East and the West appreciates our unique experience, our achievements in coordinating interests and protecting ethnic rights. I am confident that the more countries use our experience of public dialogue and interethnic consent, the safer the world will be.

From ancient times Kazakhstan has played a role of the historical bridge between East and West, North and South, it has been the cross-road of cultures and civilizations. This was the place where Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, Mongoloid and Caucasian races, Indo-European and Turkic-Mongolian languages met.

Before the age of globalization religion has been the only global phenomenon that kept and is now carrying to the world the idea of humanism and cultural dialogue.

The supremacy of civilization is impossible when there are no spiritual values and humanism

The best of every nation’s culture should belong to the whole mankind. In such a world there should be no mutual suspiciousness, discrimination on religious and other reasons. It will be a community where the progress will be measured not only by the amount of material goods, but also by high morals and responsibility of the people.

Why in a wild race for the material goods the moral part of human life has been forgotten, and the cult of consumption has become the meaning of life for many people? The necessity of constant spiritual self-perfection has faded. Many prefer not to see that the world is overwhelmed by material values — money, gluttony and mindless pursuit of success.

Wise and visionary people that think about the future and look forward with hope, care about educating children first of all