A nation that determinedly respects its ancestors, with the same determination lays ground for the future generations

When a mother feels confident then both the family is strong, and children face the future with reliance

Our veterans showed us the greatest examples of accord, unity, brotherhood in arms. Our veterans are the generation of victors. Their heroic deed would last for centuries.

Despite the fact that the totalitarian regime made irreparable damage to our nations, it has never stopped processes of economic development, mutual enrichment of culture, science and education. We should always remember, that together our people defended freedom and independence in the Great Patriotic War, rapidly restored the destroyed economy, sent man into space.

For the Kazakhstani people the whole ÕÕ century was full of terrible events that other nations could only imagine in a nightmare. I am astonished by that fantastic endurance and that extreme patience with which my people lived through all these horrors.

It is exceptionally important for the modern Kazakhstani society to develop conscience, honour and noble attitude — features inherent in us

The wisdom of the past is the precious wealth of the present

My priority is to think about every single Kazakhstani citizen

Healthy nation is the guarantee of the country’s prosperity

Authority means responsibility at the first place