As much as the history is rich and multifaceted, so the knowledge has many dimensions
I love my people. And I am proud that from my early age they taught me to be firm, prudent and cherish others. For all that I express my deepest respect.
While dreaming of a great future, we should not forget our praiseworthy past
The well-being of an aul (village) is the well-being of the country
As it is vital to embrace the best achievements of the world’s civilization and to share the spiritual values of other peoples, it is equally important to be connected with our own deep roots, remember, know and appreciate an inexhaustible spiritual treasury of the native land, constantly realize that we are the citizens of this nation
Someone can hardly be called a Kazakh if he has never been touched by the sounds of dombra and has never missed the smell of wormwood
Openness and sincerity, peacefulness and readiness to help anyone who is suffering or is being after, despite of his nationality, faith and language is the inherent and integral quality of our nation
The memory of our ancestors, their hardship and heroic deeds, victories in battles give me strength in my own life to overcome problems and achieve success. That is the ideology that has inspired life of every single Kazakh.
Traditions of the people make the nucleus of any national culture, the core of the national spirit. Every generation carries on the tradition. But if the connection between times and generations is torn, both national culture and national «Me» of the human being vanish. The unity and continuity of the generations is a way to remain yourself in the world of latent pressure and semantic wars, to keep your national soul and national character.