There is no and never been a greater honour than to fulfill people’s trust

We are the nation that has not stained its honour even in the hardest battles

It requires a lot of strength, valour and determination to rise up the Flag of Independence. The same valour, strength and determination are needed to keep it raised.

The greatest mission, the sacred duty of every Kazakhstani citizen is to hold up firmly the banner of independence

All that Abylai dreamt of in the thundering steppe of the eighteenth century, all that Kenesary died for in the dramatic nineteenth century, all that Bukeykhanov projected on the eve of the totalitarian genocide, - all that hasn't been crossed out and forgotten. All these quests for the dream came together on the historical day - 16 of December 1991, when the Constitutional law “On the state independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan” was passed

We are the descendants of the people who valued honour above all

Our priority is firm and indisputable: security of the nation and preservation of the statehood

Only the countries that could protect themselves prosper

We face a lot of difficult heights and exhausting journeys to overcome. Still many times in our nation’s quest the stormy wind will beat in the face and bring down from legs. Many times we shall be bruised and shuddered. We must endure and overcome all of that!

Young Astana — the symbol of the bright future of Kazakhstan

Our Independence is the obligate compensation of the sacrifice made by our ancestors in the centuries-old struggle for freedom, triumph of historical justice, accomplished by the will of fate. It is a merit of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers who defended this immense land by a point of a spear and the power of a striking foin

Army is the support of the state and society

Nature’s abundance of Kazakhstan should serve for the welfare of the whole nation

Independence is the fortune of those strong in spirit

I have no higher mission than to take my country up to the level of the world’s developed countries

We can pass succesfully through future tests only if we manage to rally together our forces, thoughts and desires

I have no grieves and cares that are separate from thoughts and expectations of my compatriots. Whatever the destiny has prepared — all I shall bear, stand and overcome together with my people.