The roots of the Kazakhstani-Russian relations go deep into the centuries and are supported by rich historical traditions. Our nations, distinguished for a long time by tolerance, peaceful attitude, mutual complementarity, for the extensive period of common history and interethnic dialogue were able to generate mental similarity of consciousness and basis for the open intercultural dialogue.

The most perfect political and economic integration infrastructure is doomed to be incapable unless it is supported by the energy of vigorous persons. That energy links states together with the thousands strings. Our main task is to maintain and develop this energy.

All Oriental nations have a proverb with the same meaning - the longest journey begins with the first step. The intellectual potential of Asia has always helped to solve the most difficult tasks.

The priorities of our foreign policy remain unchanged — active, versatile and balanced foreign policy, capable to respond to the challenges of the XXI century and aimed at maintaining long-term national interests

Kazakhstan is the country where the East and the West, Christianity and Islam, ancient traditions and progress of the newest technologies have met peacefully

Path to Europe is an essential vector of our foreign politics

International respect is a composition of a consecutive, constructive foreign policy and successful development within the country

We apply important significance to the international activity of Kazakhstan as an essential assistance to the dynamic development of the country itself. Diplomacy substantially contributes to the formation and maintenance of favorable external conditions for the large scale domestic economic, social and political transformations in our country, successful development of Kazakhstan as a strong, advanced and democratic state.

Today large opportunities and new prospects, especially in economic sphere, open up in our relations with the countries of the Middle East and Persian Gulf, Asian-Pacific region and Latin America.

The most strong bonds that link a human to a human, a nation to a nation and a country to a country are the ties of shared interests

Our active work in foreign policy is not merely a way of self-actualization. It comes from understanding a simple thought — prosperity of Kazakhstan is possible only in the prospering world. We realize our responsibility in the world.

It has always been a custom of Kazakhs to keep peaceful, good neighbor relations with other nations

If a sincere aspiration to peace and peace-making is in the core of policy, it inevitably leads to the same results