We do everything for the new generation of Kazakhstani citizens
Our main national idea is the competitiveness of the nation
We should raise the young generation with a simple and deep idea in their minds and hearts: “Kazakhstan is my Motherland, and just as it is responsible for me, I’m also responsible for it”
The future of the free country is in the deep and essential education and advanced science
The preschool and basic education should generate a starting intellectual potential and a good health of young Kazakhstani citizens. They should be distinguished by an inquisitive mind, boundless curiosity and vital energy.
Today it is important to have a wider look at the educational processes. The skills of doing things, studying and living together in the modern world should be taught to every human being.
Every nation relates its future with the growing generation
Our task now is to change the attitude of Kazakhstani citizens, especially of the youth, towards education and intellect, service to the Motherland and the people.
The principal task of the modern education system is training people that can think critically and are capable to steer in the information flows
Every honest citizen should ask himself a question: “How to strengthen our independence, how to improve the well-being of the nation?”
The youth is our future. Our duty is to prepare them for the life in the new conditions
New values are the ones that promptly find a way to the young hearts
We have the spirit and the clarity of the purpose - we shall indisputably accomplish what we want
Work hard, provide for yourself and your family, bring up your children: it is good for you and for the state
It is necessary to promote family values, cultivate image of a family and a marriage, examples of families with many children. I think that having many children must be a norm for a successful family. That is what all nations had for ages. The wealth of a man was measured by a number of children.
The best qualities of a man are formed by and are brightly shown within a family. Love to the close ones grows into the patriotic love to the Motherland.
Aul (village) is the golden cradle of all Kazakhs