To toughen the character in fights, to show the strength in battles

Alatau — the pearl of Central Asia

Each and everyone must do sports. Sports strengthen spirit.

The destiny of the country is in our hands

There are no trivial ways in dealing with international problems

The most important is the human factor: a choice of a man, his will, energy, determination and knowledge. That is the area where one has to search for a golden key that opens a door to the world of independent and civilized development

Native language is the mother of all of us, because she is the mother of our nation

For many centuries the unified people of Kazakhstan, enriched with a spiritual heritage of various ethnic groups and faiths, has absorbed such qualities as forbearance, religious tolerance and openness to the new. And it is our duty to convey this centuries old moral imperative to the mankind

The maturity of a society as well as courage of a citizen are tested at the hour of ordeals

The young people should understand that the modern globalizing world appreciates those who are communicative, dynamic, mobile, constantly improving, who are tolerant, and keep their word. Envy, laziness and putting one nation, language and culture above the others are pernicious. All this should be explained from the childhood

The competitiveness of a nation is primarily determined by the level of its literacy

To rely only upon a valiant work

I love sports. All Kazakhstanis, especially the new generation, should keep a healthy way of life and do sports

The one who aspires to a victory wins