Only united, only by bringing together all strength of the nation we can confidently move forward

Economy can not be competitive, unless it is based on science

Entrepreneurship is the support of civil society, the guarantee of stability

Future is based on our current achievements. And in this sense all that is done today creates opportunities for the future development.

Astana is the heart of our Motherland, the support of our independence. The image of Astana is the image of the nation.

Economy is the main indicator of the country’s competitiveness

This age is the age of investments into intellect

My foremost aspiration, my hope, if you want, my dream is to make sure that the people of Kazakhstan have sustainable, truly civilized conditions for the comprehensive development

We should understand a simple, but indisputable truth - in today's world we are interdependent. And this interdependence always reacts delicately and sensitively to the slightest changes and influences.

I’m a son of my nation, blood from the blood, flesh from the flesh. Therefore I must carry on without fatigue and grumble the responsibility, put on me in these difficult years.