Ranks and decorations

Chairman of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

For Kazakhstan where lives more than 130 ethnic groups, the preservation and strengthening of interethnic and interreligious dialogue and cooperation is an important task. The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan - the APK, chaired by the President, has become effective mechanism of maintaining peace and harmony in our country. Established at the dawn of Independence, the Assembly has become a new unique public and state institution of Kazakhstan, in fact, proving its importance and historical necessity.

Thanks to the policy of tolerance and equality of rights and freedoms of all citizens, pursued by the President, the unity of the people of Kazakhstan is strengthened. Today our country shows an example of peaceful coexistence of different ethnic groups and confessions.

Nursultan Nazarbayev pays constant attention to the development of cultures, languages and traditions of all ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan. Such a policy of the Head of State is the basis of the stability of Kazakhstan's society.

The evidence of the increased authority and importance of the APK is the fact that 9 Mazhilis members (MP) are now elected from this organization. Assembly is the result of a unique socio-political innovation in Kazakhstan and an effective tool for the unity of society.